Pre Surgery Instructions

Anesthesia Pre Op

  • You may not have anything to eat or drink for six hours (not even water) prior to the appointment. Sips of water to take medications or to moisten the mouth and lips are fine.
  • Nothing to eat/drink after midnight the night before surgery. 
  • Do not drink alcohol or smoke for 24 hours prior to surgery.
  • Brush your teeth before you come in.
  • You may use a mouthwash, but do not swallow it.
  • ALWAYS take your usual medications 2 hours before surgery (unless told otherwise by Dr. Del Vecchio or your physician) with a sip of water.  ALWAYS continue your normal medications prescribed for medical conditions.
  • Do not take aspirin or aspirin containing drugs (Alka Seltzer, Midol) for seven days.
  • Do not take Vitamin E, Fish Oil, or herbal meds (ginko, ginger, garlic) for seven days.
  • Do not drive your car on the day of surgery.
  • Do not wear perfume or body lotion or jewlery on the day of surgery.
  • Do not wear contacts. Bring eyeglasses and an eyeglass case with you.
  • No smoking for 2 weeks after surgery.
  • No dark nail polish please or thick acrylic / gel nails. 
  • Wear comfy flat shoes / sneaker. No heels or flip flopsas you might trip / fall.
  • If you are under the age of 18, you must bring your parent or legal guardian with you to your surgery appointment for written consent. 
  • You must bring a responsible adult with you to accept postoperative instructions and drive / escort you home.  Remember, you are NOT driving after anesthesia.
  • You and your escort should not bring children to the appointment.  Leave them with another responsible person.  The attention and care should be on you after surgery!
  • Loose fitting sleeves that can be drawn above the elbow EASILY or a short sleeve shirt is necessary.  Bring a loose fitting sweater or sweatshirt as well.  We are not responsible for electronics / phones/ jewlery/ valuables / keys.  Leave them with your escort and certainly turn OFF your cellphone.  Do not use social media for the day!  Your reputation and job can be affected by a simple harmless 'prank' 
  • Asthmatic? Bring your rescue inhaler. Diabetic? Bring apple juice or sugar tablets. 
  • If you develop a cough, cold, chest congestion or become ill, call the office. 

Implants / Bone Grafting Pre Op

  • Same Instructions as Above; Except Please take prescribed antiobiotics and medicated mouthrinse 3 days prior to surgery appointment.


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