After All On 4 Instructions

What to expect after securing a new smile:

Discomfort: You can take the pain medication prescribed for you as directed. If you do not wish to take the narcotic pain medication, you can take over the counter Tylenol ES (500mg) and 2 Advil (400mg) every 4 hours for pain.

Swelling: Swelling and some bruising is to be expected. An ice pack is recommended on and off at fifteen minute intervals for the first 24-48 hours. Swelling should slowly decrease after the third day. If you are prescribed a steroid dose pack, please start this on the day of surgery. 

Infection: Post- operative infections are a rare occurence following these procedures when you take oral antibiotics as prescribed and follow our post-operative instructions. 

Cleaning: NO brushing or rinsig the first 24 hours after surgery. You can gently brush after the first day. Start your antibiotic mouth rinse on the fourth day after surgery, twice a day to keep the gums clean and gentle brushing. You can start using a water pick 4 weeks after the procedure starting on the lowest setting, the gums and implants are still healing. 

Diet: Weeks 1-2: Eat a very soft diet consisting of flakey fish, pasta and soft cooked vegetables or a liquid diet. Avoid any foods that are spicy, acidic (tomato sauce/orange juice) or carbonated (soda, seltzer, beer) Weeks 3-6: Eat a soft diet, nothing harder than a soft hamburger. Weeks 7-10: Eat a medium diet including chicken, beef, etc.

During the entire healing phase NO crunchy foods. If you can hear it DO NOT EAT IT! Also do not eat sticky foods or foods you need to chew with your front teeth.


If you have any questions please call our office anytime. 

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