IV Sedation / Anesthesia

Your comfort and safety are our greatest concern. Depending on the severity of the procedure will depend on the level of sedation or anesthesia to administer.

General Anesthesia:

When a patient is under general anesthesia, they are completely unconscious. You will not be responsive to painful stimulation.

Deep Sedation:

Deep sedation refers to a drug-induced depression of consciousness. Patients will still respond to repeated or painful stimulation.

Dr. Del Vecchio has been trained in the administration Anesthesia, and will be the one to administer your Anesthesia/IV Sedation. During your initial consultation we will discuss the procedure, and options of anesthesia and sedation.

There are specific dietary restrictions, and other important instructions prior to anesthesia. Please read through this list of instructions for IV Anesthesia Sedation!